This is the story of Sebastian and his family, the Days, bankrupt and desperate as the country. Capable of everything to save and protect what is yours: their lives, their traditions, their memories, their dreams, their Country. "Portugal Is Not For Sale" is a tragic-comedy of contemporary heroes, rooted in a deep portugalidade, "cursed" by "fados" as absurd as real. Looking for an uncompromising reflection on the tragic present, Portuguese and European. Recognizing that in difficult times, humor helps us to understand our vulnerabilities, while at the same time inviting us to resist resignation. This film, as tragic as it was frenetic, as emotive as it was hilarious, could begin with a phrase: "based on 10 million real stories."


Pedro Teixeira; Rita Pereira; Maria Vieira; Antonio Capelo; Dalila Carmo; São José Correia; Tiago Teotónio; Joana Ribeiro; Paulo Pires; Ana Zanatti; João Lagarto; Maria José Paschoal; Marina Mota; Predro Granger; Silvia Rizzo; Orlando Costa; Io Appolloni; André Nunes; Pedro Carvalho; Philippe Leroux; Cucha Carvalheiro; Carla Vasconcelos; Luis Represas; Diogo Piçarra; Sara Vicente; Pedro Monteiro; Hugo Costa Ramos, entre outros...


Realizador: André Badalo

Produtor Executivo: Marcos Badalo

Argumentistas: André Badalo; Vera Casaca e João Raposo

Director de Fotografia: Andreia Santos